Re:Collection Gallery

‘Internal Dialouge’ 

‘My Only Sunshine’ 


Show Statement

Beneath the protective skull a fragile organ reasons and labors. Neurons whisper fond memories; collecting them over time and bringing them to the conscious present. Take yourself  out of the present moment to ground in a past experience stored in the precious mind. The action to Re: call; member; visit; collect. 

The value of the mind is priceless, and each individual brain is unique — holding complex experiences. This was seen firsthand during our visit to Clearwater Senior Living Facility in Oxnard, California where we had the opportunity to host a creative workshop with a handful of residents. In this collaborative show, the importance of memories are declared through artistic creations, both produced and inspired by seniors in our community. It was an honor to provide a creative outlet to the Clearwater community, allowing them to express and document the fragility, importance, and beauty of memory. Furthermore, this one experience with the Clearwater group served as lasting inspiration for our creative approach. Our paintings for this show were derived from the shared moments we had with the residents at Clearwater. 

Each piece of work represents a moment for the artist, a reflection and manifestation of their mind, life, and presence. Through “Re:Collection – Living in Memory”  we aim to bring a message of mindfulness to the audience members.

Baylor Duncan, ‘Untitled’, 30×40, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2020

Elijah Jimenez ‘My Only Sunshine’, 30×40, Mixed Media on Canvas 2020

Mia Seelos, ‘Internal Dialogue‘, 30×40, Oil Painting, 2020