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Baylor Duncan

Baylor Duncan is a California based artist currently living in Camarillo, CA. With her main artistic outlet being painting, she has also immersed herself in other mediums including photography, collage and fiber arts. Primarily working in abstraction, Duncan focuses on extracting colors from nature and enjoys exploring with various shapes, grids and textures. She uses her art to confront the ideas of the human condition while also striving to normalize and address mental health.

Elijah Jimenez

Elijah Jimenez is a California based musician and artist who works in various media including oil, watercolor, sculpture and collage. In 2020, Jimenez received a BA in Studio Art from California State University of Channel Islands. Creating works that often critique aspects of the self, religion, politics, and society — Jimenez confronts the terror and wonder that occupy his thoughts.

Mia Seelos

Seelos is a painter, designer, and a color enthusiast. Coming from a conservative upbringing, Seelos challenges traditional concepts in her paintings to find a deeper moral voice. As a designer, she strives to encourage dialogue and aid easier communication through artistic skills. Finding colors that harmonize and vibrate inspire Seelos to create, using color to ignite emotion that transcends language.

Headshots taken by our talented lovely friend; Grayson Stern. Links below